Laser & IPL Pigmentation Removal

Excessive Skin Pigmentation can be caused by hormones, sun exposure, congenital as well as skin trauma. There are various treatments available, including skin needling and topical lightening creams, but we find that the best results are delivered using IPL (Intense Pulse Light) lasers.
The main advantage of using IPL lasers to perform skin pigmentation removal is that many different pigmentation types can be treated and tailored to the client preference, skin type, and tolerance.

Laser Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation can affect the skin layers called the dermal (deep) or the epidermal (superficial), and in some cases, can be seen in both. We use different IPL laser techniques and settings to target the correct skin layer and skin type effectively.

We can safely treat any shape or size of pigmentation blemishes, no matter how severe the sun damage or concern.

IPL skin rejuvenation treatments can effectively treat:

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